Effect of cardiopulmonary rehabilitation in post-COVID-19 COVID-Rehab patients

ReCardio: Comparison of the effects of cognitive training and physical exercise on cognition, self-regulation and cerebral vasoreactivity in men and women with heart failure.


Target population: You are 60 years of age or older, you have heart failure and your treating cardiologist authorizes your possible participation in a physical training program.


We invite you to participate in this clinical study to help scientists understand the association between heart failure, physical health and brain function (e.g. memory or concentration difficulties).

We will study the different changes that may occur: in mental function (memory and concentration); in your ability to exert yourself and your physical strength; and in the specific functioning of your brain through imaging studies. We will also study how your genes may influence your response to training.

The goals of this research project are to: 1) characterize the cognitive changes (memory and concentration) in the brain that occur in heart failure patients; 2) determine the impacts of a drug-free intervention combining cognitive and physical training on mental function and brain function in these patients; and 3) study possible differences in response between men and women.

By studying the association between heart failure and changes in brain function, we may be able to better tailor the management of patients.


Duration: 6 months

durée de l'étude ReCardio

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