ACTIONcardioRisk: Effects of aerobic, resistance and cognitive training on neurocognitive function

SYNAPSE: An investigation of the effects of cognitive training at home compared to usual care in individuals with chronic heart failure: an individualized program to improve cognitive function and well-being.


Target population: Individuals aged 50 years and older with heart failure who own a tablet or a computer connected to the Internet.


The objective of this study is to help scientists better understand the association between heart failure and cognitive health (e.g. memory or attention). To do this, we want to study the different cognitive changes that might occur, following cognitive training, in mental function, well-being and ability to take care of oneself.


A better understanding of the association between heart failure and changes in brain function will allow us to better adapt the management of patients to their situations and needs.


Duration: 4 months and two weeks

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