ACTIONcardioRisk: Effects of aerobic, resistance and cognitive training on neurocognitive function in older adults with cardiovascular risk factors.


Target population: You are over 60 years of age, perform less than 150 minutes of physical activity per week and have no contraindications to exercise.


We invite you to participate in this cognitive and physical intervention study to help researchers better understand the link between cardiovascular risk factors and brain function. In addition, researchers want to better understand the potential benefits on cognitive and brain function of interventions that include physical activity and/or cognitive training.

The objectives of this study are to:

  1. characterize neurocognitive functioning in individuals with a high number of cardiovascular risk factors using cognitive assessments and neuroimaging;
  2. to document the impacts of physical and cognitive training on neurocognitive functioning in healthy participants and participants with multiple cardiovascular risk factors.

This study will also take into consideration individual factors such as gender, as well as specific alleles and mutations in targeted genes that appear to be involved in the effects of exercise on cognition and brain function.

A better understanding of this topic will help develop preventive approaches targeting neurocognitive decline observed in people with cardiovascular risk factors.


Duration: The total duration of your participation will be 12 months (3 visits per week). Some of these visits will be assessment sessions (as described below), while the remainder of the visits will be devoted to the training program.


durée de l'étude ActionCardioRisk

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